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Discover what educators learn in each session of the Online PD course.

Session 1
Welcome To littleBits

Explore basic concepts like learning through invention, play, creativity, and the meaning of STEAM.

Session 2
Inventing with littleBits

Break out the Bits to see how easy it is to make littleBits circuits. You'll learn how to use littleBits as an invention tool.

Session 3
STEM/STEAM and the Invention Cycle

Take those circuits a step further with the littleBits Invention Cycle. Bring STEAM concepts to life!

Session 4
Managing the littleBits Classroom

Get insider info on managing a littleBits classroom, plus organization tips and implementation models.

Session 5
Developing a STEM/STEAM Lesson Plan

Use your new knowledge to design fun, engaging and enlightening lesson plans with littleBits.

Course Completion
Recieve Your PDU Certificate

Congrats, grad! You'll walk away empowered to bring STEAM learning into your classroom.

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