See What You Get as Part of the Starter Solution

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Code Kit

Teach coding principles as students build games & program them in our Code Kit app
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STEAM Student Set

Engage students in hands-on inventing to teach engineering & design
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tackle box

The tackle box is perfect for stowing Bits away in the workshop, or taking on the go! It has 2 levels of storage and customizable compartment sizes, thanks to the included dividers. It can store 450+ Bits in up to 46 compartments. 
Tools for Success

72-Page Invention Guidebook

Step-by-step instructions that guide you from easy circuit building to epic mind-blowing inventions.

Code Kit Software

This coding environment is also your go-to resource for tutorials, lessons & more in a free, computer-based app. After creating the Google Blockly-based code, you'll transmit it to your inventions wirelessly from here!

* Compatible with:

Mac    Windows    Chromebook

Educator Solutions

littleBits TED Talk
This littleBits intro explains why everyone should be able to invent with electronics. Even kids!
STEAM Student Set Teacher's Guide
120+ pages of detailed instruction and classroom management tips.
Code Kit Educator Resources
Everything you will need to implement littleBits Code Kit in your classroom.
Product Perks

Easy to Teach

Resources, tutorials & simple instructions mean no experience is necessary.

Fun and Engaging

Teaching invention and coding through hands-on challenges makes it something students WANT to do.

Curricular Connections

Aligns with NGSS, CC & CSTA standards.

21st Century Skills

Engage students in problem solving, creative thinking, and collaboration.

100+ Activities

20+ lessons and 100+ activities make it easy to fold into any learning space.

Created by You

Co-designed with a panel of educators to ensure it fits your unique needs.

Group or Solo

Works for classroom & makerspace instruction or independent learning.

It's All Reusable

Reuse your Bits in unlimited ways to create & code new, imaginative inventions.


littleBits reinforces NGSS standards in a meaningful way, by making concepts relevant to each student

Life Science
Life Science
Create an invention that mimics the effect of microgravity on seed growth.
Earth & Space Science
Earth & Space Science
Build two circuits that mimic how astronauts communicate in space.
Physical Science
Physical Science
Investigate how changing the size of the wheels on a self-driving car impacts its speed.
Engineering Design
Engineering Design
Invent a device that helps someone else.
Algorithms & Programming
Algorithms & Programming
Predict what a circuit will do before a new code is run for the first time.
Computing Systems
Computing Systems
Anticipate what problems may occur with an invention's hardware or software.
Data & Analysis
Data & Analysis
Add a color block to a new code to customize the output.
Create a storyboard that describes what life was like before and after your invention.
Invent an artbot that draws a 5-inch diameter circle.