Multiple Inventions in Each Kit

Code New Powers

Now with coding! Give your droid new abilities with easy block-based coding, and take it on 6+ coding missions.

Droid Style

Every kid is different, so their personal Droid should be, too! Custom stickers help kids make it their own.

Force Mode

With the wave of a hand, kids can guide their Droid like they are a Jedi using the Force.

Self Nav

Let your Droid go for a solo spin! The Droid detects obstacles and changes course like it has a mind of its own.

Custom Body

Kids can bring imaginative new Droids to life using household items and craft materials.

Head Spin

This Droid knows how to turn heads! Kids can reconfigure it to spin its head 360 degrees, just like in the movies.

Obstacle Course

Kids train their Droid to navigate through obstacles and make masterful maneuvers.

Draw Mode

Add an additional Droid part (included) and this Droid can draw out secret maps or messages!

Keep Your Kid Inventing

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