How It Works

The cloudBit acts as an input by receiving signal from your littleBits circuit and sending it to the internet. This means you can make a smart doorbell that tweets at you when someone pushes a littleBits button, or a burglar alarm to send you a text message if someone activates the littleBits sound trigger.

The cloudBit also acts as an output by sending signal from an event on the internet to your littleBits circuit. This would be like turning a motor to release a treat for your cat if a certain Instagram hashtag is used, or flashing an LED when you get an email from a VIP.

The USB power Bit sends a 5 volt signal through your circuit, which allows you to control your Bits. Using a USB connection to a computer, you have access to 500mA of power for your circuit. When using the USB Wall Adapter, you should have up to 1A of power available. The red LED shows you when the Bit is powered.

Simply connect the cable from the wall adapter to your littleBits USB power Bit (this only connects to the micro USB power Bit, not any other power Bit). You have dual charging options - through the wall adapter, or detach cable and plug into computer USB port. The adapter is designed for US electrical outlets only. Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz; Output: 5.0V DC 2000mA

Product Specs
Ages 14+
Grades 6+
Height 2.5"
Width 5.125"
Length 7.063"
0.05 kg/ 0.11 lbs
Model No.