8 Fun Challenges

Invent a Self-Driving Vehicle

Inspire students to design an electric car of the future as they experiment with motion and stability.

Invent an Art Machine

Engage students in engineering design as they build their own automatic artistic assistant.

Invent a Throwing Arm

Teach forces of motion and simple machines through a fun game of projectile-launching.

Invent a Security Device

Explore environmental sensors with students as they create alarms that safeguard their stuff.

Hack Your Classroom

Challenge your class to think critically and create electronic solutions to problems they see in the classroom.

Invent For Good

Inspire students to help others by thinking creatively and creating simple machines to change the world.

Chain Reaction Contraption

Channel Rube Goldberg as your class creates a cause-and-effect machine using engineering skills and systems thinking.

Hack Your Habits

Develop students' critical thinking skills as they produce prototypes to make an aspect of life more efficient.

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